Friday, 17 February 2012

Inside my Head by Jim Carrington

Title: Inside my Head
Author: Jim Carrington
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 340

My Rating:

A great, realistic book about bullying. Very gripping and compelling read, didn't take me long to read. Each chapter is a new point of veiw either David, Zoe or Gary. Inside my head lets you feel what other people feel and gives you an insight to what Gary feels through out the story. From the very first page, it sets the scene and is easy to get in to.

The story is about Gary who gets bullied but he can't cope with it and loses his temper a lot. Then Zoe comes into his life and he tries to ignore her as much as he can despite his feelings for her, her doesn't want her to get hurt too but still, she won't leave him alone. David, who is the friend of Knaggs, who bullies Gary all the time, feels sorry for Gary but doesn't want to do anything about it because he is afraid of being bullied himself. The plot twists and turns, getting deeper into people's feeling and thoughts until you start to wonder where is the story going.

However much it can get confusing because it switches a lot, it is a brilliant book and a great read.